Jimbo Abroad.
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A little background...

You're dealing with a voice that fluctuates between composed and chaotic, the result of a mind that's muddled with ambition, anxiety, assumed brilliance and the aftershocks of over-indulgence.  There are synapses withered from breakdowns and abuse; cells exploding from jubilation and determination.  As a whole, I'm alive and breathing, but I'm running on fumes, struggling towards something like happiness or fulfillment or recognition.

You could call this a blurry snapshot -- one where the absence of context and focus makes for an honest representation.

I believe the past is anything but obsolete.  Maybe the past is propelling me towards f
oreign continents where self-discovery is a tangible thing hidden amidst unfamiliar culture, strong drinks, exotic women, volatile politics and the poetic violence of history. 

Why wouldn't I follow my dreams?  Why wouldn't I chase the romance of adventure to someplace ancient and alien?  Why wouldn't I pursue the notion of life as a playground?

This world is full of travelers.  It's full of adventurers.  It's full of writers.  It's full of bodies built to move and minds meant to inspire.  It's full of antagonists convincing themselves that time is energy and people are batteries.  It's full of quiet do-gooders attempting to design a world of compassion.  It's full of beautiful specimens and hideous monsters, their inner splendor trading places with their outer unpleasantness... and visa versa.

I'm all these things.  Everyone you love and hate.  See me for everything I am: angry, serene, intellectual, immature, anxious, stunning, repulsive, confident, self-loathing...


Too pretentious and self-centered?  Enjoy this esoteric survey created by me and about me.

You've indulged in actions that may be frowned upon by society and the legal system (and consequently derived pleasure from said actions).
True.  My body's a roller coaster and society is a track that needs the occasional reworking to accommodate my path.

You've had your heart broken.

You've broken someone's heart.
True.  I think.

You once dressed as a ballerina hippo for Halloween.
True.  I even made out with a girl while wearing said hippo costume.  When I asked her if it was weird, she said, "A little."

You think Reservoir Dogs is a better film than Pulp Fiction.

You once set yourself on fire in an Amsterdam coffee shop.
True.  Accidentally.

You once ended up sitting naked in a London pub.
True.  I blame the barmaid.

One of your lifelong dreams is to raise a bear from a cub.
True!  I'll name him Odin and he'll love me like a father.

You once wrote a poem that you read to a girl in a bathtub in Barcelona.
True.  She was pretty impressed.

Sometimes you feel a sense of guilt when you're not embracing life.
True.  I blame my Catholic upbringing.

You believe motion and momentum are essential to your creativity.
Absolutely true.
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